Munich, Germany, in 2009 the International Bicycle Expo
Exhibition Date: July 23, 2009 -26 Day
Venue: Germany, New Munich Exhibition Center
Organizers: International Fair Company in Munich, Germany
Audience: July 23-24, opening up the audience for professional, July 25-26 open to the public free of charge
Exhibition Area: 45,000 square meters of indoor exhibition area, 30,000 square meters of outdoor activity areas
Official Website:
Display range:
l bike vehicle: retro and classic style bicycles, cars and express single-speed bike, bike design / modification, urban road bike, ladies bike, all-terrain bike, off-road bike, dirt road cycling, bicycle concept
l electric vehicles: a light electric bicycle, electric scooter, new technologies, the battery / storage technology and accessories, electric car sales equipment, electric vehicle forum, electric bicycle Innovation Awards, New Products, sales / repair and maintenance facilities
l outdoor sports bike: travel by bicycle, car, mountain bike, youth bike, bike trailer, travel agents, road books, travel literature, multimedia Travels
l parts: transmission, brake systems, handles, tires, seats, lights, mirrors, speed indicator, the pulse of screening device, GPS equipment, drive system, child safety seats, automotive basketball, fixed system
l bike clothing / accessories: functional clothing, all-weather clothing, and fashion clothing, safety clothing, street / casual clothing, helmets and protective gear, eyewear, shoes, gloves, bag
l-related activities: outdoor display areas, bike performance test areas, cross-country bike races, bike Masters mud, music, parties, Central Munich race, color forum trends released
Exhibition Introduction:
Munich International Exhibition Corporation (MMI) is one of Germany's five major exhibition, held every year dozens of the world's leading professional exhibition, including Munich, the world's largest winter sporting goods and sports fashion International Trade Fair (ISPO), and has At present, the world's most advanced exhibition facilities: the new Munich International Exhibition Center.
Munich is Germany's most economically developed, the highest average income, the capital of Bavaria, led to economic stability in sports, leisure and popular markets. Bicycle and electric bike with a functional, economic, and environmental protection advantages, and can communicate effectively with a combination of sports, bike industry in Munich, Germany and maintained a good long-term development, population and consumer bicycle enthusiasts leading Europe.
In 2009, the original exhibition in Cologne, the International Cycling (IFMA) will be held suspended, in-depth industry research shows that there are still a lot of bicycle production, sales in Germany want to participate in professional electric / City Bicycle Show, at the same time, there are more people interested in wish to participate in bike-related activities and events. Take, Munich International Fair will be started in July 2009 organized by the International Bicycle Expo (BIKE EXPO), the show with electric bicycle, city bicycle, wagon, mountain bike, car, bicycle parts, clothing apparel mainly exhibits location closer to public demand, tend to exhibit more market-oriented structure, show a wealth of products at the scene and outdoor activity areas, will attract a large number of trade and the fans involved.
German Association of Bicycle Retailer (ZEG) members and retailers will be invited to participate in the July 22 meeting organized by industry, and will show the scene to participate in the activities of the city of Munich on the forthcoming exhibition, held in Central City Cycling Championship in Munich and other events and activities to give official support. Munich International Exhibition Company will use its worldwide subsidiaries and rich media resources BIKE EXPO publicity and promotion.
Unit groups:
Jing Mu International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a company from Munich International Exhibition and China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation of China, the exhibition is jointly organized and built the industry's first joint venture company, the International Exposition in Munich at the same time the company's general agent in China, responsible for its in Germany, as well as other parts of the world Exhibition areas of promotion, publicity and organization. Jing Mu has a wealth of domestic and foreign companies to do outreach, group exhibition experience in China, Germany and other European countries have extensive business networks and to strengthen international technical exchanges and promote the business development mission, in line with the principles of service-oriented, in order to providing a venue for customers to apply for - Expo Registration - journal login - Booth Allocation - booth construction - exhibits transportation - staff invited to - outside the all-round arrangements, high standards of professional services.
Exhibitor cost estimates
1, application fee: RMB 2000 / communications companies, including domestic and international fees, registration fees
2, 9 square meters booth cost: 26,000 yuan
With booth fees, booth construction costs criteria: wall panels, carpet, fascia company, lighting, tables and chairs, basic props fee (€ 150 value), booth electricity / garbage fee, the Chinese Pavilion overall publicity. 3m2 booth to increase, the surface charge of 1,000 yuan to open stalls.
3, journal of the registry fee: RMB 2000 / Company Expo basic journal Log in