Electric vehicle technology is the key to thriving industry
Electric Bicycle with its convenient, comfortable, non-polluting characteristics of winning the favor of consumers, the development of electric cars is still an inevitable trend of future development, also in line with the social revolution to promote environment-friendly requirements. Therefore, no matter whether in China or in the world, electric cars should be is still a thriving industry.

     Dual-mode electric vehicles to market, Wang Chuanfu told reporters that in 2003, he wanted to manufacture electric cars, BYD based global leader in battery technology, he specializes in sales of the battery pack. However, there was no tradition of car manufacturing experience, the acquisition of Shaanxi first production automobile plant, open the car door. Wang Chuanfu planning in the traditional automotive products has always been the transition, he is the ultimate goal of electric vehicles, and even batteries. Development of traditional car just to maintain cash flow and expand the manufacturing scale, the need to reduce costs. Therefore, Wang Chuanfu has announced that non-R & D engine and gearbox. Because of battery pack, which are not necessary.

     In Guangzhou Auto Show, GM China, Nissan and Toyota in China China's top three foreign companies, without exception, have to carefully observe the BYD booth F3DM. Coincidentally, these three companies will market its electric vehicles in 2010 is scheduled. Depressing the three companies is that they have failed to overcome the consistency of the battery pack has been BYD to overcome difficulties. Wang Chuanfu, as the battery manufacturer BYD to the specificity of R & D in battery technology is bound to BYD other leading enterprises in the electric car, the BYD Toyota may be in the common market, seize the opportunity.

     BYD F3DM formulated in accordance with the sales strategy, the Group's domestic and international market (especially the North American market) is its focus. Because, although it can be rechargeable at home, but in the fast charge, the BYD national grid needs to build more rapid charging stations, the support infrastructure. As for overseas markets, because of Buffett's involvement in the Sino-US energy companies, by virtue of its suspects under strict surveillance in the grid edge and the United States a more complete public infrastructure, BYD think the U.S. market will likely become the largest overseas market F3DM .

     F3DM with dual-mode electric vehicles is the world's first hybrid system hybrid DM. DM acronym for DUALMODE. DM dual-mode electric vehicle system using electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid systems (HEV). Is a motor control and electrical power of the two hybrid combination of advanced technology, not only reduces the fuel consumption and emissions, but also greatly improve the performance of power and manipulation, were able to charge a variety of fuel energy can be added way to realize the true meaning of the dual-power hybrid system.

     Taiwan, under the dashboard, there are two buttons, namely, HEV and EV. When you select EV mode, power for the battery to provide electrical energy. F3DM respectively, with two power 25KW and 50KW electric motor, in series mode. When the power is sufficient, F3DM start and accelerate in the range of acceptable, relatively smooth start, there is no sense of setback and noise; accelerated when experience vaguely to "push back a sense of" (as a result of test conditions can not be accurately measuring the acceleration time 100 kilometers). In EV mode, when battery power is lower than 10%, F3DM with the 1.0L engine began to intervene in the provision of power, he began charging for the battery pack. F3DM but at this time like a gentle kitten, no matter how you踩油门, vehicles and nothing happens, still the beginning of intervention to keep the engine speed (press test drive, the engine began to intervene in 40KM/hr, speed remain at this level). BYD's explanation for this is in order to protect the battery charging process. If the踩油门deep (that is, the moment to increase the battery output power), will reduce the battery life. Of course, if youease, then the vehicle will slowly "You" together (thisprevious experience driving diesel vehicles).

     When the EV mode, the battery power shortage Another problem is that intervention at the time of engine noise. May be the engine itself, perhaps the issue of sealing the vehicle, the 1.0L engine at this time the noise is absolutely unbearable. BYD's explanation for this is, 1.0L engine for the 3-cylinder, when there is "little Mara carts" suspicion. However, under normal circumstances, about 10 minutes could be sufficient to power more than 10%.

     HEV mode again to talk about. In the HEV mode, when battery power is less than 30%, the engine started to intervene. Because there are at least 20% of the energy reserves, therefore, the acceleration of the vehicle at this time does not affect basic. When the vehicle speed is higher than 60KM/hr, the engine will also take the initiative to intervene in order to provide more power to ensure high-speed vehicles. HEV / EV driving switch back and forth process. In urban traffic, the general use of EV mode, and in the high-speed traffic, the use of HEV mode.