"China's bicycle kingdom" to reach 4.4 billion investment
From the relevant department that: Up to now, is located in Wuqing "Chinese bicycle kingdom" into the park cited a total of 21 enterprises, the registered capital of 2.6 billion, a total investment of 4.4 billion.

"China's bicycle kingdom" into a bike park where advanced manufacturing and modern service industry where a bike in two parts, with respective shares of 6.4 square kilometers and 1.6 square kilometers. Among them, the bike where advanced manufacturing industries will be associated with the degree of similarity of corporate culture is divided into bicycle manufacturing new materials area, high-end bicycle parts and components manufacturing area, the international brand bicycle manufacturing and bicycle-related industries, such as 4 sub-district District. Cycling is where modern services including bike vocational schools, testing centers, industrial incubators, bike logistics center, convention center, sports centers, museums and theme parks such as bicycle facilities. Upon completion, will become a high-quality bicycles and electric vehicles an important export platform and production platform, a bike technology driven R & D and product innovation platform, magnesium alloys and industrialization of bicycle chain development platform, Tianjin Bicycle Exhibition trading platform, development and production of high-grade parts and components platform for logistics providers, information exchange and technical training platform, exercise bike and the Central Coastal Bicycle Race base, bike park and the tourism industry and cultural landscape leisure resort functions, such as the eight of the country's largest base of creative industries bike.