Economic recession Americans to go to work by bike
As a result of high oil prices, economic recession and concerns on environmental issues, more and more Americans are no longer driving, and riding a bicycle to work, experts believe that this is not only beneficial to the environment, but also in more effective short-range road.

     Voice of America in the December 29 report, U.S. Department of Transportation said that 50% of Americans drive to work the road, only 8 kilometers or less, and the shorter the distance the more serious pollution because the engine exhaust to reduce hazards device must be under a certain temperature to function. Members of Congress that bicycles are environmentally-friendly modes of transport. For example, the Minnesota House of Representatives on the strong support of Jamescycling. He said that the state, county and municipal governments as well as the state highway administration is designing the future of roads, cities and counties in the bike lane between the building.

     Last year, the United States northwest Portland, Oregon City, the proportion of people cycling to work makes up the United States first. Portland has been the improvement of urban planning, construction of bicycle lanes. Andrew land Portland residents cycling to work every day, he bought a bike lane near a house, about five kilometers to go to work every day to ride, followed up to 64 kilometers of bike paths around the city.